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To harness our efforts to provide our customers with services and solutions that enrich their performance.



We are committed to establishing a system that combines quality, efficiency and reliability to ensure realizing the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction.



APT Allied Professionals Technology Established in 1987 as one of Egypt's leading service providers, specializing in servicing HP products.

Due to APT rapid growth, in January 2000 APT was transformed into a shareholding company, allowing it to be better positioned for the task ahead

Since its first year in business, APT has enriched the business community through providing distinguished and high quality service solutions to fulfill HP customers’ needs overall Egypt.

APT staff consists of a number of unique calibre engineers and technicians, trained in HP centres and coupled with an efficient administrative team whose aim is to ensure the best for our customers and to build mutual relationships that help both us and them to achieve our goals.

APT is a company that serves a wide range of customers from consumers to small and mid-sized business to corporate customers with an extensive portfolio of services solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each market segment and to satisfy customers growing needs.

APT has focused on building its strategy on providing distinguished and high quality service solutions for HP products and conducting periodical customer satisfaction surveys to ensure achieving the highest level of quality

Success has been the result of the collective efforts of the founding team.

Success was not achieved by coincidence but through the efforts exerted by APT trained technical staff, which was the key factor towards positioning APT with a significant market share in the Egyptian market.



APT is committed to providing our customers;

  • The best after sales technical support for all HP products according to HP standards, policies and quality.
  • Data recovery services to recover damaged hard drives.
  • IT Mega projects Implementation and management.
  • Original spare parts.
  • Pre-sales technical assistance and consultations to ensure that our customers will get what they really need.
  • Trade-in, Complete IT equipment upgrade services (full replacement) to assist them protects their IT investments and maintains seamless, smooth and uninterrupted extension of your asset lifetime, while ensuring keeping up-to-date with IT technologies.
  • Covering HP international warranty services.
  • Extension of HP warranty period.
  • Varieties of distinguished maintenance contracts overall Egypt.





Field of Business

IT Service Provider

Legal Form

Egyptian Shareholding Company (S.A.E.)

Tax Card

200-198-696 Investing Companies, Cairo

Commercial Registry

5605 Dated 16/7/2000



L.E 5,000,000


L.E 500,000

Paied In

L.E 250,000



Major Accounts

  • 12
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  • 9
    The Arab Contractors
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